WyRefueler—The mobile hydrogen filling station

The WyRefueler 350/120 is a tank system with low energy consumption for filling hydrogen tank systems. Be it buses, trucks, trains, construction machines, or forklifts – any hydrogen-powered vehicle can be refueled with the WyRefueler. As a standalone variant, it can provide 120 kg of hydrogen at 350 bar per day. The system is equipped with smart control, works autonomously, and can be accessed 24/7 via remote maintenance.

Wystrach developed the WyRefueler as an H2-Share partner. As part of the project, which was approved by the EU’s Interreg North-West Europe program in March 2017 and coordinated by WaterstofNet, a hydrogen-fueled truck was also developed. H2Share will help reduce emissions from heavy-duty trucks in everyday traffic. In spring 2020, the system entered a period of test operation at several European locations.

The WyRefueler is a user-friendly and officially approved hydrogen filling station that comes with a comprehensive consulting and service package. Wystrach customers receive a handout with information to help them to obtain the necessary operating license. Individual support is available, too, if needed.

The service also includes setting up and commissioning the WyRefueler for the customer. After one or two days of training at the customer’s site, the customer can operate the system independently. When it’s needed, a comprehensive service package is available for beyond the warranty period. The remote control function provides extra safety, as it allows both Wystrach and the operator to monitor the system 24 hours a day. If required, the system can be scaled up to 45 ft with 900 kg storage capacity and a filling capacity of 200 kg per day.

For more information, please email sales@wystrach-gmbh.de.

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  • mobile tank system for 350 bar refueling
  • discharging capacity of 120 kg / day
  • available 24/7
  • with smart control
  • for mobile refueling of H2 tank systems, e.g. trucks or buses
  • transportable
  • 24/7 remote maintenance possible realized by Wystrach service
  • mobile as BDF swap body (ADR)
  • power requirement 3x400VAC/63A
  • requested footprint 21 x 6.7 m
Forschung und Entwicklung 2020


mobile H2 refueler - Tank container module

Tank container specs

  • 54 type 4 containers à 350 liter, 300 bar
  • 300 kg usable volume
  • control unit
  • ADR approved
mobile H2 refueler - Refueler container module

Refueler container specs

  • hydrogen compressor
  • regulation technology, independent operation
  • 100 kg buffer, 500 bar
  • automatic pressure control for optimum refueling
  • ADR and Pressure Equipment Directive approved

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