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Pre-assembled H2 tank systems for the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell train

Pre-assembled H2 tank systems for the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell train

The newly designed Wystrach container.

The newly designed Wystrach container.

Weeze - Wystrach GmbH
Margret Voßeler MdL

Margret Voßeler MdL visits Wystrach GmbH

Weeze - Wystrach GmbH
Zertifikat Sicher mit System

'Sicher mit System' – systematic safety for employees

Weeze - Wystrach GmbH
Whatever you need? We will gladly adapt to your specific requirements!

Tailored solutions for the storage and transport of gasses – it is as a certified full-service specialist in this demanding and safety sensitive sector that Wystrach GmbH has worked its way up to becoming a global leader.

The design and manufacture of high-pressure systems for the storage of gasses of various types as well as the bundling of gas cylinders for the creation of bundled supply systems are key elements of the services proposed.

Arbeitgeber Wystrach GmbH

Certified Quality

ISO 9001:2008, Quality control in compliance with directives 2010/35/EU and 97/23/EG, authorised welding specialists in compliance with DIN EN ISO 3834-2 and AD2000 HP0/HP100R – Reliability and high-quality workmanship are all part of a day’s work for our highly qualified team.

It is all about precision!

The members of our team have many years of combined experience. You can therefore rest assured that your needs and expectations will be fully understood, processed and translated in an optimum manner.
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We manufacture at our main location in Weeze.

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Specialised in technical solutions for the transport and storage of gasses, Wystrach GmbH operates at a European scale. Naturally we have always worked together with renowned and strong partners during the course of our 30-year company history.

  • Linde Gas
  • Westfalen Gas
  • Messer Gase
  • Xperion Energy
  • Säbu Baumaschinen
  • Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

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